Saturday, 8 November 2008


Emmanuel Barceló, The Pyramids of Egypt (Edimat Books, 2004): "The most daring pyramidologists in their theories, those who are not afraid of reality because they are convinced that there might only be a mask or a decoration hiding the great mysteries, have accepted the idea that the Great Sphinx of Giza, just like the Pyramid of Cheops, like over a telluric land, that is, over magnetic fields that generate invisible forces, thanks to which a continuous union with the cosmic energies of the solar system is sustained."
"One of these audacious men is Ivan Sanderson, an American researcher... he claimed after carrying out infinite verifications that on our planet there are twelve centres of points of electromagnetic aberrations, which he has been able to locate on Easter Island, The Devil's Sea, Bermuda, and especially in Egypt, in addition to other places."
"Based on his theory, it is impossible to accept the idea that some architects or magician-priests who chose the site where the sphinxes and pyramids were to be located only did so because of the solidity of the land. They must all have known about its electromagnetic properties. However, since they did not act as clairvoyants, they must have learned about it from superior beings, who might have come from outer space or been the sons of extra-terrestrials.They must have adapted to conditions on the Earth, and were not only mortal but also convinced that their science could only be known by a caste of initiates."

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